Phil And Lorellee Colley

“Making it simple to hear God”

PC & LC 2013

Phil and Lorellee Colley love doing life and ministry together. They were teenage sweethearts and have been married for over 30 years. They have 3 grown up married children, Michael, Brett and Rebekah who all serve the ministry in some capacity. Phil and Lorellee also have 8 grandchildren that are a delight. Their strong family relationships are a high priority in their life.

They have been involved in prophetic ministry since 1993, they have ministered prophetically both in Australia and overseas.

Phil and Lorellee are members of Awesome Church, Sydney and under the oversight of Pastor’s Gary and Lissa Costello. Kerry and Julie Medway are also an integral part of Destiny Strategies’ oversight. Phil and Lorellee are also credentialed Ministers with Australian Christian Churches (ACC) formerly known as AOG Australia.

They share a strong desire to see people equipped, trained and released into their gifting and calling in life.

Their desire is to see people come into their fullness of what God has called them to do.

They regularly take trained teams to various events, seminars, conferences, markets and psychic fairs where many searching people are given accurate words from God, (prophecy) the one true and living God, providing a reliable alternative to the mystics.

They also regularly bring a word of the Lord to business people and businesses, to help provide input and direction.