Limited Time Only Free Eve and Adams midwife Hard Copy




Limited Time Only Free Eve & Adam’s Midwife – Hard Copy

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In her brave new book Eve & Adam’s Midwife, Kathleen Colley dares you to imagine a pregnancy free of complications, abnormalities and sickness that gives way to a pain free, intervention free childbirth.

God originally designed women to carry and give birth easily and effortlessly. A common misconception is that after “The fall” women were cursed and condemned to experience childbirth with pain and discomfort. Kathleen Colley takes readers on a journey of mind renewal where biblical truths concerning God’s perspective of pregnancy and childbirth are practically revealed. Through her own testimony, Kathleen exhorts readers to confidently declare God’s original design and see the reality of perfect pregnancy and childbirth in their own lives.

Readers will discover:

– Liberation from the lie that pain, sickness, hardship and exhaustion goes hand in hand with pregnancy and childbirth

– A biblical blueprint for perfect pregnancy and childbirth by aligning their thinking to God’s original design

– Keys to overcome fear and doubt before and during, both pregnancy and childbirth


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