Kingdom Economy Conference MP3 downloads



This MP3 format CD series with a total of 8 tracks, is designed to help people understand what God wants to do for them and through them and what role our finance and/or business can play in this. God is raising people up in the business arena that have a heart for His kingdom. God is looking for people who have a desire to build their life and business on Godly principles.

Series Details:

Total 8 Tracks

Track-1: Dr.Sim Choo Jek – Our Economy Is Governed By God
Track-2: Dr.Sim Choo Jek – Surrendered Life
Track-3: Robert Holmes – Provision Is In The Call
Track-4: Phil Colley – Business Practical Steps
Track-5: Dr.Sim Choo Jek – Five Prophetic Statements
Track-6: Robert Holmes – Funding The Mission
Track-7: Phil Colley – When It Does Not Look Right
Track-8: Dr.Sim Choo Jek – Where To Invest