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How to unpack and Understand your Prophetic word.

Want To Know How To Activate The Prophetic?

Destiny Strategies runs Prophetic Activation Schools all over the world. If you would like to be part of one, or book one for your church follow the link.

For Churches


Whether you are a novice or experienced in the prophetic, Destiny Strategies’ Prophetic Activation Schools will help your people get on the same page and use the prophetic powerfully inside the church and out in the community.

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For Business


As a business owner Destiny Strategies can help you understand what God is saying in, and through your business. Our extensive business experience will help with “how” you can take action on that word.

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Destiny Readings

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Their is an increased Spiritual Hunger in this world. We train people to be give Destiny Readings and we also provdie an opportunity for those who are seeking to receive a Destiny Reading and training on Identifying The Pure Source.

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