Prophetic Activation School

This is the Pre-requisite to Part 2 & 3 Prophetic Activation school -in person.

Part 1 own pace - Online

The Fast Track to Hearing God’s voice

Part 1 Video Online course -
Do at your own pace


Prophetic Activation School a school designed to fast pace the Prophetic in your life.

Theory at your own place plus regular on Zoom practical groups ensure your learning & growth will be firmly established.

Our Prophetic Activation Schools are a balance of 50% sound biblical teaching and 50% practical activations. We take you through simple steps on how to activate your Spiritual Senses and gain more confidence in Hearing God’s Voice for yourself and others. This training is designed to help you to be equipped to move past your doubts and fears that may be stopping you from confidently Hearing God’s voice, his desires and God communicating with You.

Activating – This is a very important component to our school.

We break down for you step by step ways to unlock your ‘Hearing Ear & Seeing Eye’ to fine tune to receiving from your God. This deepens and clarifies your relationship with God. All Prophetic should come from our relationship with God.

Some of the topics we cover in the theory are

You receive the following


Hear God’s voice for yourself. This is so important in this day and at this time in history, so that we will be people that confidently receive communication from our creator. Each and every one of us actually do receive some type of communication, but sometimes we’re not sure how that comes. One of the biggest questions for most of us ask is ‘is it me or is it God’? We take you through how to identify when God is speaking to you.

There is a lot of practical steps we give you and work through in class to give you confidence in receiving clarity and accuracy from God.

Unfortunately in the past we have seen a lot of misunderstandings with the prophetic gift. We help you to know how to bring Honour to God and identify the things that honour Him when using Spiritual gifts.


It’s simpler than we think…

Prophetic Activation School Part 1

PAS 1 - Laying Firm Foundations in the Prophetic

Tailor-made to suit churches, pastors, leaders, people in ministry or individuals who are looking for more of God. A mix of teaching, practical application, and opportunities for online connection, this course helps people bring the prophetic into everyday lives.

More about our prophetic community

You are warmly invited to join our online community. Once a month, we host a Prophetic Mentoring & Activation Night via Zoom. It is a free open night for those who want to be equipped in hearing God’s voice.

We take you step by step, practically encouraging you to develop confidence in knowing God and the way He communicates.

If you feel it’s time for you to freshly receive from God and increase in confidence, please email us to book to receive a Zoom link.

We’d love you to join with us!

What do you do with a prophetic word you’ve been given?