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“I was introduced to Destiny strategies by a friend just when my business was going through a long barren patch. When I first met Phil and his team, I had an idea of what to expect but did not know how it was going to pan out. In the first meeting the team prophesied and spoke over my business. They were spot on with their insight and I could feel in my spirit that what they were prophesying was accurate and very much of God. This was remarkable as it was the first time they met me and where unaware of my business situation. On our second meeting they particularly highlighted a spiritual blockage that was operating over my business. As soon as I dealt with that, miraculously clients started contacting me again. My counselling business is now going from strength to strength.

Many thanks to Destiny strategies for their spiritual and practical insight. This ministry is vitally important and greatly needed in Christian businesses everywhere.”

John Helvadjian

Counsellor/Psychotherapist at Counsellingaid

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“I first stumbled upon Prophetic Activation School in 2010 when I met Phil & Lorellee at the Link Church. Given my previous rather traditional Christian background I knew little of the prophetic and its role in the lives of Christians. I was a bit sceptical and frankly ignorant on the prophetic, so I was blown away when I attended my first prophetic activation school. I had never thought to think that this was another way that God could communicate with us, encourage us, guide us and give us insight within our daily lives. I was pleased to hear that the Prophetic Activation School has also morphed into Destiny Strategies for businesses. Business owners need the insight that only God can give them so that they can run successful & fruitful businesses. Destiny Strategies for business will give you confidence and direction. It is a great way to make sure Jesus is partnering with you in your business. It has already been of great benefit to me as a I grapple with some life changing decisions for my business. The level of accuracy of some of the prophecies has made a critical difference in my decision making, ultimately leading to a better outcome than otherwise would have been achieved. I highly commend the Prophetic Activation School to everyone, and for business owners getting involved in Destiny Strategies for business should be a must. You’d be mad not to.”

Alex Cook

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A New Season
17 February 2015 at 12:03
“I recently spent some highly blessed time with a couple who have amazing wisdom, insight and prophetic gifting. They are from interstate and know nothing of me. Their accuracy on issues about where I am at, and the impact of my journey were nothing short of mind blowing. It was so amazing to hear such powerful information being articulated with such love and gentleness. In amongst all the stuff, something really stuck out – they breathed life into my prophetic “edge”. And they said that because of this, I had often been ahead of my time and hence misinterpreted. That is so true.
Now, I certainly have no intention of taking credit for this, and I hope it doesn’t seem arrogant because I am not saying this is of my doing. It’s just how God has wired me. Too often to be coincidence, I have ideas and insights that do not conform with contemporary thinking. But then, soon my view is the mainstream. But because I have been ridiculed as being “off course” I have chosen to keep quiet (not always though). Phil suggested to me it is time to get back on my “soapbox” and return to the BIG dreams and aspirations I used to have (how true is that!!!, for any who know me well). He rightly pointed out that I had, due to life events, settled into a laissez faire attitude – just accepting whatever happens. It’s so accurate, I am sad to say. Many years ago, I was a big dreamer and I had huge aspirations. Remarkably, as I reflect, I actually achieved some significant results, too. Life has settled markedly in the past few weeks/months. So I am now ready to take back the reins, dream big, rely on God and fulfill my potential in a new way. I accept that God has gifted me in very unique ways, and they are not in line with social norms (or in fact, church norms either). However, in His shadow, I will seek to be the best me I can be. I won’t win any popularity
contests as I will not be conforming to the ways of the world, but I want to bring joy and warmth to my Father’s heart – because I know as a father, how precious and special that is. He loves me and is proud of me regardless, but I know that only being who I was created to be will bring the legitimate peace and fulfillment in my life that is available to me.”

Richard Paterson


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