Prophecy And Your Business

Deeper Insights For  Your Business

A Prophecy for your business is called a Destiny Strategies Prophetic Business Analysis, a deeper insight into your business.

We provide prophetic input to implement strategies that can help the business grow and/or make changes in several areas.

We believe that when acted upon a “Prophetic Business Analysis” can bring change, new ideas, clarity, direction and financial growth to a business.

How do we do this?

There are two basic steps. It is important that we do not know too much about your business for the initial prophecy.

The 1st appointment involves a Destiny Strategies team carrying out a detailed recorded prophecy for your business. The prophecy itself is typically approximately 20 minutes. The prophecy will either take place in your office or other arrangements can be made.

The 2nd appointment comes after all parties have written out the prophecy and fulfilled any other requirements necessary to enable the team to go through the prophecy with you and help with interpretation and implementation.

Where A Prophecy Might Help.

These areas may include the following:

  • Financial / profit making
  • Decision making
  • Ethical and moral
  • Staff and management
  • Contracts
  • Output
  • Time management

Anywhere you feel you need to get clarity. Our prophets are trained in business and business terminology so the prophecy will uniquely target you and your business.

Why Get A Prophecy For Your Business?

  • The business is under performing even though you are working hard
  • You are struggling to create a more balanced life between home and work
  • You are working too many hours a week just to keep the business going
  • You are considering expanding the business

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