Building Prophecy In Your Church

Prophecy is a promise from God, but it’s up to us to actually work with it and communicate with God.

Destiny Strategies works with churches to build the prophetic ministry into their day to day operation.

If the biblical guidelines for prophecy are implemented as set out in the New Testament. i.e. – encouragement, building up, strengthening and comfort, submit to leadership, prophecy only with covering, etc. we create a safe and healthy environment for prophetic people to function.

How do we implement the prophetic in churches? Implementing the prophetic is purely conducted by relationships. Destiny Strategies works hard to establish a relationship with the church pastor or their representative. We understand the prophetic and how to implement it properly into churches.

Our content is simple to follow, and will not be onerous on a congregation.

The important step is to start the conversation so we can partner with your church to implement the prophetic in the right way, at the right time.

We have built some church relationships through our prophetic activation schools. These can be run outside of a single church environment be a great “outside” way to introduce your people / leaders to the prophetic.

What Happens Next?

Depending on the vehicle being used, and the relationships at play, there are different ways the prophetic can be implemented.

The Prophetic Activation School is designed to take people from a basic understanding of prophecy to understanding the deeper working of the prophetic, some great protocols for its operation and how it can be used in the wider community. There are also small group opportunities to introduce protocols that can be created and expressed clearly to the congregation so that the prophetic can be implemented in a more public fashion.

Some Practical Outcomes for when there is something prophetic to give then that can be done effectively would include things like:

  1. Being prepared to record prophecies
  2. Having people who protect the protocols for prophecy (this will protect the members of the church.)
  3. Have someone in authority that people are able to submit to

Next Steps

If you are wanting to introduce the prophetic into your church, or wanting to make the prophetic more effective then Destiny Strategies can partner with you to make it happen.

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